Join us November 1, 2020 to kick off the holiday season and craft your child's handprint ornament at Fine and Dandy with Goodness Gracious Ceramic Prints. For only $35 you can come in and she will guide you along to make the perfect hand or foot print. She can do a max of 3 children per appointment. Please indicate how many will be attending, then purchase additional handprint/footprints here:

Appointments are being taken every 15 minutes starting at 1pm and ending at 5pm. Please arrive on time to avoid losing your appointment spot. We will not offer refunds if you are unable to make your scheduled time! Fine and Dandy is not liable for any incident that may occur while crafting with us. All sales final.

These beautiful ceramics do take time, so you won't be going home with your items that day. The turn around time is 4-6 weeks. Once your item has been completed you will be contacted by Goodness Gracious Ceramics for pick up instructions

Ceramic Handprint Appointments

Appointment Time:

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